Compsi started off as an IT consultant and Training center for IT professionals of Lahore. It was the early 1980s and the computer had just been introduced in the corporate sector in Pakistan and all around the world. With a vast variety of functions provided, the computer had the ability to revolutionize companies’ operations.

A few people saw that and took the opportunity to capitalize on this prospect. Mr. Abdul Aleem of Lahore was one of them, and with this in mind, he started Computer Services International, now known simply as “Compsi”. The company was originally meant as a training and consultancy provider for engineers in computer software Industry. The basic service provided by this business was the training of engineers in Computer Aided Design (CAD), model building etc.

1987 : SHAHKAR

As the company grew in its early years, Mr. Aleem continued to keep a lookout for new opportunities in the computer industry. He eventually spotted another important need to be fulfilled in Pakistan – Urdu typing. In Pakistan at that time all of the Urdu magazines and newspapers used to be hand-written and then published into copies.

This gave Mr. Aleem the idea that gave birth to “Shahkar Publishing Urdu”, the new project of Computer Services International. This was software which was ligature-based. It treated Urdu not as font (text) but as images. Mr. Aleem hired a good Urdu writer to develop around 30,000 images of various combinations of Urdu alphabets to be used in typing.

This venture was a major success. Most of the Urdu magazines, newspapers and digests started shifting to Shahkar. It was the only software in that industry which provided precision as well as quality to the Urdu font. This product of Compsi started new trends in the industry, more similar software were developed after it. And hence, we can say for a fact, that Shahkar contributed magnificently in maturing the Urdu Font Processing in Pakistan.


The best thing that the company gained from the Shahkar Urdu project was exposure. They used to use Hewlett Packard printers and scanners in their operations for Shahkar. In 1987-88, HP noticed their effective use of its equipment and as a result, offered deal to them which they accepted. HP had given them the status of its authorized dealer in Pakistan. This was the boost that the company needed to grow immensely as it provided them with a good reputation and credibility.


With this much positivity going on, it was natural for the company to expand aggressively. New offices were opened in Islamabad and Karachi and Business Operation was scaled up immensely to all parts of the country. With the blessings of Allah Almighty, Compsi products were successful Pakistan-wide and were welcomed with open arms.

Support & Service Centers were a major part of Compsi’s expansion policies. The management made sure that customers were facilitated completely wherever they were, with whatever problems they faced. Compsi Engineers kept themselves up-to-date with the latest technology and had valuable expertise.


The demands for HP soared as the market matured to the technologies Compsi introduced. It was the only one providing HP products in the spectacular way it did. These were the years that Compsi became synonymous with the brand of HP. People started believing that HP was Compsi and Compsi was HP. Compsi Team feels proud even today of this legacy and stories of Compsi are famous in the market.

In 1993, Compsi became the Authorized HP Distributer in Pakistan. Distribution was not an easy task and it was a role not to be taken lightly. But, Compsi eased into that responsibility. It made sure that HP distribution was done effectively and HP Products were available everywhere in Pakistan.


Due to all these major developments, Mr. Abdul Aleem considered converting the business from proprietorship to a private limited company. This would provide more credibility in dealings with foreign companies and would strengthen the foundations of the business. Therefore in 1993-94, the firm was converted to a Private Limited Company named Compsi Pvt. Ltd.


In 1999, Compsi became the Corporate Reseller of Hewlett Packard. This is a very specialized Tier-1 partnership level in which the core responsibility of the partner is to cater to the needs of Enterprise Customers. Due to its rich history, and strong HP Background, Compsi was the most obvious choice to lead the pack of Corporate Resellers in Pakistan.

Since then, Compsi has grown by leaps and bounds and made its enterprise services Unmatched in the IT industry. It is in the blood of our Certified Engineers to make sure that your organization keeps on working smoothly. The Compsi Customer Care Centre is known in the market for being highly effective and professional in dealing with all IT technical problems; a strong prerequisite for working with Large Enterprise Organizations.

Till Date, Compsi has been awarded various awards every year for best performance, proficiency, and sales skills every year. Every year from the inception of HP-Compsi relationship, HP has recognized the great expertise and efforts of Compsi teams.


The Head Office of Compsi is situated in the heart of Pakistan i.e. Lahore. With the grace of Allah Almighty, Compsi has a beautiful building to serve its purpose to lead country operations of the company. Apart from the core business operations, it has also got facilities for employee trainings by HP or Internal Teams which take place every month.


Situated on the ground floor of the Compsi building, the company presents the most amazing IT Showroom of Pakistan. This is a one-stop shopping center for all the technology buyers, and facilitates you with the most recent IT products the world has to offer. In this showroom, all the latest brands are displayed. The sales personnel are friendly, informative and precise.

Compsi humbly invites you to experience this Showroom if you want to buy a laptop, printer, desktop, or any product. This is a place, where you have no worries about the product quality; no concerns about the after-sales support; and no fear of being scammed. This is not an ordinary place, this is Compsi, a name you can easily trust for your IT requirements.


Microsoft Corporation is a world leader in software development. Its contributions to the Global IT Industry are enormous and not in need of any introduction. In 2007, Microsoft approached Compsi to be their representative and business partner in Pakistan. As a leading IT firm in Pakistan, Compsi takes great pride in being a strategic partner of Microsoft.

Since the start of this relationship, Compsi has become the most recognized and emerging partner for the software giant in Pakistan. We have done huge projects with large enterprise organizations of Microsoft and continue to make efforts and explore new boundaries.


With excellent success of Compsi IT Showroom, and the Pakistan Wide business operations of Compsi, it was natural to have partnerships with all the major brands in the world. This visionary decision has led to Compsi getting partnerships with DELL, ACER, LENOVO, FUJITSU, APPLE and SAMSUNG. Though, these partnerships are on an initial level, Compsi provides complete product ranges of these brands and also has accomplished after-sales support available.


At Present, Compsi is one of the leading IT companies in Pakistan. It has kept a specialization business approach and aims to achieve Excellence in the areas it operates in. With 24 years of HP affiliation, Compsi is truly a Master in providing HP solutions for all customers whether they be Home users, or Large organizations. A diverse and comprehensive clientele is a proof of Compsi’s excellence in Products quality and support services.

Compsi teams take great pride in being the technology partners of Pakistan’s leading businesses. This is a great responsibility , but one which Compsi is well capable of handling. We make our best efforts to keep the benchmarks high in our daily operations. Maximum efficiency, better management, stronger support, continuous improvement; these are prime motives of all teams at Compsi.

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